A tail of two kitties

August 2016

The next stage in Rosie and Mini’s life was meeting their new family of other animals. Vet Kathryn has several dogs and cats already so this meant that slow introductions had to be made. As the other animals were all vaccinated they could be introduced from day one. New arrivals into a household of existing cats can be very stressful for the existing cats. This can lead to stress behaviours such as hiding, anorexia or inappropriate urination. You can help to ease the stress of new arrivals by using pheromone diffusers and ensuring there are adequate food and litter tray stations about the house. A guide of one per cat, plus one extra should be considered the minimum.

When you introduce your new kittens you should ensure that older cats have space to get away so they can inspect them from a distance – don’t force them into close confinement. It may take several weeks before they start to get along and not all cats will ever be best friends! When introducing new dogs the use of a lead, cage or child gate can be useful as a safety measure – even dogs who are used to adult cats can find small kittens tempting to chase. In the case of Rosie and Mini it took four weeks until the resident dogs and cats could be safely loose with them as they were so small when they came – but look at them now! At about this time the two kittens had the second part of their primary vaccination course so they are fully covered for the next year against cat flu and feline leukaemia.

July 2016

As fiesty 10 week old kittens, Wimbledon is totally fascinating Rosie and Mini!

They are also due another worming dose at this stage. Please always use a prescribed veterinary wormer. They SAFELY and effectively kill worms and are NOT expensive.

June 2016

This month we meet Rosie and Mini, two kittens who have been adopted by vet Kathryn!

The kittens came with a history (from local animal charity Animal Connexions) of being treated for worms and fleas which meant they were less likely to bring any ‘extra’ companions into their new

surroundings. The time to bring your new kittens home is around 8 weeks old when they have developed crucial social skills from their mother and siblings – even if the mother isn’t feeding them anymore, sibling interaction is very important in learning how to be around other animals. As soon as they had settled into their new home Rosie and Mini had their first health check and vaccination. Even if your kitten has had their first vaccinations when you get them, we still advise you book them in for a health check with one of our vets to make sure there are no issues that need attention. We will also activate your four weeks FREE insurance and our vets will be happy to answer your questions including any on the all important subject of house training! On this first visit Rosie and Mini were vaccinated against cat flu, enteritis and feline leukaemia and given their free worming and flea treatment as part of our Cromlyn Vets kitten

package. Follow them on Facebook for further instalments on the important milestones in their lives!