Braveheart May 2016 – Chester

Chester was referred to us by another vet after being hit by a car and suffering severe pelvic injuries. Pelvis damage can be very dangerous as there are major blood vessels in this area that are easily damaged if there is enough trauma to fracture the bones. On examination Chester was listless, with cold extremities and a weak pulse. He was suffering from blood loss causing him to go into shock, so our team acted quickly to get him onto intravenous fluids and pain relief.  The nurses cared for and warmed him carefully, bringing his temperature up to normal. Within 12 hours he was a different dog and it was up to vet Chris Heffron to plan how to repair a badly damaged pelvis. Chester stayed with us for a week in our 24/7 hospital with constant care until his red blood cells had regenerated enough to make it safe for him to go through a major operation. It’s safe to say he became a firm favourite with all the staff for his good nature and brave disposition! Chris Heffron operated to place a pin across the fracture site, stabilising the pelvis – with the outcome being a resounding success. Chester is walking and while he is still in recovery it’s all looking good! We were of course sad to say goodbye to the adorable Chester but delighted that he was returning home to his loving owners.