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Braveheart May 2016 – Chester

Chester was referred to us by another vet after being hit by a car and suffering severe pelvic injuries. Pelvis damage can be very dangerous as there are major blood vessels in this area that are easily damaged if there … Continued

Braveheart March 2016 – Jessie

Jessie the hamster was brought in to see us as she was very lame on her left hind leg. She was bright and happy in every other way and didn’t mind our vets looking at her leg to see the … Continued

Braveheart February 2016 – Gismo

This month’s Braveheart will be familiar to many of our Facebook followers.  Gismo came to see us as a charity case at approximately ten weeks old.  She had been a stray kitten and her new owners noticed that she was not … Continued

Braveheart December 2015 – Thorn

We have many lovely patients but sometimes a more unusual patient comes through our doors. Over the last 6 months we have had a badger, a buzzard, a seagull, several pigeons and four hedgehogs handed in after kind members of … Continued

Braveheart October 2015 – Felix

Felix’s owners were awoken at 1.30am by the noise of his gasping breathing. He had been completely normal at bedtime but was now collapsed, lying on his side with his mouth open and gasping for air with loud rasping noises. … Continued

Braveheart September 2015 – Toby

Toby was a very sorry sight when he came in to see vet Steven. He was lethargic and his blood tests showed that he was anaemic and had a very high white blood cell count. This meant that there was a … Continued

Braveheart August 2015 – Peanut

Peanut was just under a year when she was brought in one morning.  Her owner noticed that there was a bloody discharge from her nose and felt also that something was just not right. On examination, it became clear that … Continued