Don’t ignore that lump!

One of the “golden rules” of veterinary practice is that early detection of problems will generally give us a much better chance of sorting things out. The regular health examinations we give your pet are a key part of the approach. In addition, frequent grooming allows you to keep a watchful eye out for any lumps, bumps, fleas, ticks and a host of other problems.

If your pet develops a lump there may be several possible underlying causes. These include allergic reactions (such as bee stings), abscesses, hernias and tumours. The most serious of these are tumours; these may be either benign – which tend to be slow growing and remain in one place, or malignant – which are frequently fast growing and spread to distant parts of the body. If you do find a lump it is therefore very important that we examine it as soon as possible – in order that we may establish the underlying cause and start any required treatment without delay.

If you are concerned about a lump on your pet – or any other health problems, don’t delay – contact us today for an appointment!


Lynn Heffron MRCVS