Braveheart July 2016 – Max

Braveheart Max presented to us as an emergency because his eye had suddenly become very swollen. On examination it was clear that the situation was very serious. Max has a specific shape of face that many breeds such as the pug and bulldog are born with, known as a brachycephalic head shape. This means that his eyes are more prominent in his head than a dog such as a Labrador and therefore more easily damaged. We don’t know what caused it but Max’s eye was being pushed out of the socket by swelling behind it – possibly bruising from some form of trauma such as running into a step. Poor Max was very sore and uncomfortable but our vets worked quickly to prepare him for surgery. There was no option but to remove the eye as the intraocular pressure (pressure inside the eye) was so great that irreversible damage had been done. Within a day Max was starting to regain his bubbly personality and only having one eye didn’t hold him back at all!  Eyes are so important- if you ever notice a problem with them then please do what Max’s owners did and bring your pet to us ASAP!