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Braveheart May 2016 – Chester

Chester was referred to us by another vet after being hit by a car and suffering severe pelvic injuries. Pelvis damage can be very dangerous as there are major blood vessels in this area that are easily damaged if there … Continued

How we’ve changed

In June 1991 two enthusiastic 18 year olds, Nicola and Helen joined Cromlyn House Veterinary Clinic. 25 years later both ‘young’ ladies are still with us so we thought we’d ask them a few questions about their experiences. What led you to … Continued


When I was growing up I had quite a few goldfish and they all seemed to go to the ocean to be free (as my mum would tell me). In reality they died because I had no idea how much time … Continued

Wildlife: birds

We often get birds brought into us with various injuries. This can range from mild concussion, to broken wings, broken legs or injuries from predators such as foxes, cats or dogs. Wildlife is treated just the same as any pet that … Continued

Are you a cat or dog person?

I personally love both but having only ever owned dogs I would have always said I was a dog person. But then along came Juliette (aka the boss) our hospital cat and everything changed for me. Everyone in work including … Continued

My experience so far…

My time at Cromlyn Vets has been amazing!  Every day is different; one day we do standard operations like spays and neuters but on other days we carry out eye or orthopaedic surgery which I find very interesting. My colleagues … Continued

Pain clinics

Cromlyn House Veterinary Hospital is delighted to announce the commencement of Pain Management Clinics for their patients. If your pet is suffering from conditions such as arthritis, spinal pain, hip or elbow dysplasia, recovering from surgery or if your sporting … Continued

Braveheart March 2016 – Jessie

Jessie the hamster was brought in to see us as she was very lame on her left hind leg. She was bright and happy in every other way and didn’t mind our vets looking at her leg to see the … Continued

Braveheart February 2016 – Gismo

This month’s Braveheart will be familiar to many of our Facebook followers.  Gismo came to see us as a charity case at approximately ten weeks old.  She had been a stray kitten and her new owners noticed that she was not … Continued

The spread of superbugs

Antibiotic resistance is a hot topic. There are ads on TV and the radio reminding you to go to the chemist instead of the GP for colds and flus. This is because antibiotics are NOT always required. It is all part of a new … Continued