Diabetic clinics


We know how overwhelming diabetes can be for owners – this is why our nurses provide an ongoing series of clinics that support and encourage you in treating your diabetic pet. Your nurse will advise you on suitable literature and websites to read which can be very helpful in understanding your pet’s condition.

Support and advice

Our nurse clinics are there to support and help you to feel confident and safe when dealing with your diabetic pet at home. This gives you an opportunity to ask the nurse questions which you may feel embarrassed to ask the vet – which is a very common thing.

We are dedicated to ensuring you feel competent and happy with the under pinning knowledge of diabetes. Our clinics aim to help you feel confident when administering the correct units/dose of insulin and how to give subcutaneous injections. We also address what to do if your pet does not eat and how to look after you pet if he/she has a vomiting episode. Owners can have as many practical sessions with the nurse as you require until you feel happy, remember they are free!

Our nurses will also discuss with you how to be on the lookout for a hypoglycaemic episode, how to deal with it and who to contact in event of an emergency, Cromlyn House is a 24 hour hospital, you are never left to cope alone, we are here to help. We will also cover how to store your pet’s insulin correctly and how to dispose of it along with syringes and needles. We provide you with ‘sharps’ boxes for safety at home – when the sharps box is full, simply bring it into the practice team at Cromlyn House and we will issue you with a new one.

Ongoing monitoring

Nurses will explain to you why it is necessary for regular blood checks and routine monitoring. We can also demonstrate to you how to use an at home glucometer and how to get the best out of at home monitoring. Please note not all cases are candidates for this, particularly in the early stages of diagnosis and stabilisation.

Never forget, if you are in any way unsure what to do with your diabetic pet please pick up the phone and contact us. We are only too happy to help you.