Weight clinics

Obesity is an expanding problem!

Keeping our pets healthy and trim is just as important as looking after ourselves. Obesity is a common problem and one that is frequently overlooked, as weight gain usually occurs gradually.

Pets become over weight when the energy level in their food is greater than their daily requirements and this excess energy is laid down as body fat.

Obesity is known to worsen a variety of conditions including heart disease and arthritis.  For pets suffering with these conditions, weight loss can make a huge difference.

How we can help

If you are concerned that your pet is a little heavier than he or she should be, we are happy to help. Having ruled out other medical disorders, which can be a cause of weight gain, one of our registered veterinary nurses will be happy to enroll your pet in our FREE pet weight-loss clinic.

They will assess your pet, advise you on an ideal weight and work together with you to customize a personal exercise program with regular weigh-ins.

Just ask our nurses, your pet will thank you for it.